We must speak for those who have been silenced.

Families are separated, mothers crying for their children.
Millions are concentrated in camps, waiting for death.
Scientific and cosmetic experiments are done on unwilling participants.
Gas chambers are used to kill billions per year.

What could this be referring to?
What makes someone entitled to be offended by the comparison?
Why are the people who have the most right to be offended agreeing with the comparison?

Historically, there has always been a group that was perceived as "inferior", which made “superior” people feel entitled to exploit and abuse them.

Not that long ago, the consent of an “inferior” person did not matter when hurting that person or when using that person like an object or commodity. The “superior” group could do as they pleased to Jewish people, women, children, elders, ethnic minorities, indigenous peoples, homosexuals, disabled people, and more historically persecuted groups.
So what gives some people a feeling of supremacy over other people?

Today, the progressive part of society has concluded:
Abusing any “inferior” groups is unacceptable.
They were never inferior. Consent is essential.

Are you in the progressive part of society that agrees with that?

Yet a different “inferior” group of living beings is being commodified and abused.
What do the progressive people in our society think about the following?

Factory Farm

Every year, trillions of animals are subjected to intense oppression, abuse, and exploitation. Separated from their families, concentrated in factory farms, forced to undergo painful experiments, skinned alive, killed in gas chambers, and more.
The current prevailing perspective is that animals are inferior to humans.
“They exist for our use.”

But these animals did not consent to be experimented on, eaten, or killed. One day, humanity will look back on this period of mass exploitation of animals with shame.
How could we have been so heartless in the past?
We may not speak the same language as these animals...
But don’t they also wish to live in peace, the way anyone does?
What gives humans supremacy over another living species?

Why do you eat flesh, use items tested on animals (e.g. cosmetics, cleaning products), wear clothing derived from suffering (such as leather, fur, down), or feel entertained by seeing wild animals be degraded and depressed in captivity (rodeos, zoos, etc.)?
Click here for common reasons people continue supporting animal exploitation.
Which reason(s) resonate with you? What do you make of the responses to those reasons?

Still feeling skeptical? Watch these:

Animal exploitation industries continue to promote lies in their cheerful marketing, to hide the atrocities happening behind closed doors so they can continue turning a profit.
The animal rights movement aims to expose and change the horrific truth.

"I agree, animal suffering is terrible. But opting out of supporting animal exploitation would be a huge change from the way I have lived my whole life. It’s too difficult.”

That's what I used to think too! But you might be surprised...
As a vegan since 2014, I am able to eat almost the exact same diet I used to eat.
There are plenty of animal product alternatives which taste similar to the products they mimic. I used to love meat, eggs, dairy, and various snacks and junk foods that contain animal products, but I don’t miss any of them at all! My quality of life is the same.
I eat what I want - with delicious vegan substitutes.

Adopting a vegan lifestyle is a change, but the adjustment is less difficult than expected.
Think of it as changing your fitness routine so that your exercise actually breeds results.

If you would like to find out more, consider watching:
Earthlings – Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix
Dominion – Award-winning documentary
The Game Changers – Renowned vegan athletes
Egg Truth | Dairy is Scary | Make Fur History

Where can you eat out as a vegan?
Find vegan options worldwide:

To transition to veganism, use these resources:

And don’t forget to join your local vegan Facebook group!

In loving memory of the group’s inspiring founder, Jenni Rempel (1991-2016).
If only the world showed you the unconditional compassion that you showed us.

One more thing, for the brave revolutionaries among you…
What do you think of joining us in our animal rights activism? Anonymous for the Voiceless is a global animal rights organization with chapters all over the world. Our goal is to raise awareness about animal exploitation through peaceful demonstrations: Cubes of Truth.

We hold up signs to bring attention to the screens showing real footage from real farms.
People are horrified as they walk by, and most people have many questions.
How can this be real? How could we, as a society, be so compassionless?

We wear anonymous masks because the point is not the people behind the activism. We are anonymously sharing the voices of those who have been silenced, who cannot speak for themselves. We are standing up to the bullies and oppressors who exploit the vulnerable.

Join us.

If you read this far and still don’t plan to become vegan, remember:
Vegans experience significant public bullying and shaming despite living in a progressive world.
Vystopia and death are real consequences of vegaphobia. To those who do not support our cause, please respect our choices and our right to our advocacy as you would for any other minority group or social justice movement.