Patricia Celan

Mrs. Canada 2020-2021
Mrs. Canada
Trevor Allen Photography
Patricia Celan was awarded the Mrs. Canada crown in September 2020.
She will be representing Canada in international pageants in 2021.

Patricia Celan lost her uncle Valentin to cancer in 2012. When she entered the Miss BC pageant for the 2013 year, she began extensive fundraising efforts for the cancer charity portion of the pageant. This involved selling the designer bags that she inherited from her uncle, organizing large garage sales with products donated by community members, and online fundraising.

On July 1, 2013, she was crowned Miss Charity BC by Monte Durham of "Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta". She followed her crowning with a surprise; she had promised donors that if she was the top fundraiser for the year, she would shave her head on stage in solidarity with those struggling with cancer. She removed the crown and shaved her head.

While she was having her head shaved, further donations were collected from the audience. In total across her various fundraising efforts, she had fundraised over $10,000 for cancer charities - half of the entire Miss BC pageant fundraising of $20,000 that year.

During her titleholder year, she was involved in multiple community and charity events with a team of other titleholders, who remained good friends after their reigning year came to an end.
Miss Charity BC

Patricia Celan was crowned the New Westminster Princess and won the historical & talent awards.
Top Teen of Canada
While participating in the Top Teen of Canada pageant, Patricia Celan caught the eye of judge and former actress Bryn Erin, who awarded her a scholarship for semi-private acting coaching.
Miss Teen BC
Patricia Celan was awarded an acting scholarship when she participated in the Miss Teen BC pageant.