Patricia Celan

Clinically Brunette
Clinically Brunette
This psychiatric take on Legally Blonde is inspired by the true misadventures of a young psychiatry resident when she moves from one coast of her country to the other. Publication is set for October 2026.

Prickly Thorns, Satin Dress
Prickly Thorns, Satin Dress
Although writing initially completed in 2020, this novel will be released as a prequel after Clinically Brunette.

Chapter in Gladversity
Published in October 2020, this anthology of inspirational stories contains a chapter by Patricia Celan about overcoming adversity.

"Sunrise" in Headlines
Published in May 2019, this newsletter issue contained Patricia Celan's short story that won that year's annual Dalhousie Psychiatry Writing Competition.

"Two Finicky Queens" in Dreamscape
Published in 2010, this anthology of short stories includes a creative piece by Patricia Celan.

The Star-Crossed Trilogy
The Star-Crossed Trilogy
Written between 2006-2008, this trilogy of 3 full-length fantasy novels ("Dreamscar", "Illuminated", "Loki") has not yet been submitted for publishing.