Patricia Celan
M.D., B.A.


Patricia was born in Europe and raised in Vancouver, Canada since she was a toddler. She had the opportunity to be in French immersion and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in her teens, feeding her hunger for knowledge. She further developed her character and personal skills by participating in pageants and exploring her artistic interests, including acting, dancing, singing, and creative writing.

After graduation, she studied psychology at Simon Fraser University. During this time, she was a teaching assistant for several undergraduate psychology courses and two courses in molecular biology & biochemistry. Outside her academic pursuits, she was heavily involved in numerous volunteer extracurriculars. In 2013, she was crowned Miss Charity BC, fundraised a total of $10,000 for cancer charities, and shaved her head on stage in solidarity with cancer patients.

The following year, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in psychology (with distinction). She was immediately accepted to study medicine at the University of British Columbia. When she wasn't learning the intricacies of becoming a doctor, she spent her time enjoying the arts, including singing in a choir, an acapella group, performing with dance groups, and she wrote multiple parody musical performances with her classmates, including the UBC Medicine Initiation LipDub and the UBC Medicine Grad Musical, both with thousands of viewers.

She obtained her MD in 2018 and traveled across Canada for a change of scenery in Halifax, where she is now completing her post-graduate medical training in the specialty of psychiatry. She is an animal lover with two companion cats and she has been developing her zeal for defending animal rights across all species. In her spare time, she continues to enjoy music, reading and writing, travel, and photography.

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