Patricia Celan

Patricia Celan is passionate about the mind, arts, and animals. Her special interest in psychology since she was a child led to becoming a resident physician in psychiatry, while her artistic background influences her practice of the art of medicine. As a lifelong animal lover, she is an ethical vegan and now advocates for abuse victims of any species. She views a nonviolent human-nature connection as essential for holistic wellbeing.

Patricia's personality type is INFJ-T (Advocate). When she's not working on improving the mental health of her patients or advocating for human and non-human victims of abuse, Patricia enjoys creative writing, photography, film, travel, music, singing, dancing, yoga, and spending time with her cats, friends, family, and pageant sisters from around the world.
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Fun fact: Did you know Patricia is the grand-niece of the poet Paul Celan?
Patricia and Paul Celan

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