Patricia Celan

Why Pageants
Why pageants?
Misconceptions about pageantry are wide-reaching. Modern pageants are often scholarship opportunities that focus on empowering women by promoting inner beauty, ambition, intelligence, and philanthropy.

Pageants are won in the interview room. Private interviews often determine the finalists, while the on-stage finale is typically a tie-breaker in the search for a strong role model and spokesperson for the organization.

Advocating for a worthy cause, community service involvement, and personal growth are key. Pageantry is also a great source of sisterhood, as pageant sisters tend to remain lifelong friends.

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Dr. Universe
Spirit of Pageantry

Patricia Celan Dr. Universe
Coinciding with Patricia's final year before pageant retirement, the Hyack Ambassador Program
officially retired and was commemorated with the exclusive Diamond Anniversary Gala.
More information about that 75th anniversary event is available here.

Patricia Celan Dr. Universe
Dr. Patricia Celan won the Dr. Universe crown and was first interviewed by Vogue Sweden
about her journey to this win, which was later reprinted in Los Angeles Magazine.
She shared her thoughts about mental health & pageantry with Reckon News.

Patricia Celan Dr. Universe Awards
She received the Best in Interview award, was recognized for the Most Inspirational Speech,
and she was also given the Spirit of Pageantry award, for promoting friendship & sportsmanship.

Patricia Celan Dr. World Canada

Dr. World Pageant
Community Leader of the Year

Patricia Celan Dr. World Pageant
Dr. Patricia Celan represented Canada in the Dr. World pageant.
She won 4 awards and distinctions, including Community Leader of the Year,
Best in Eveningwear, Most Photogenic, and 2nd runner-up to the prestigious Dr. World title.

Patricia Celan Glam Week Magazine, Crowns & Sashes Magazine
She was on the covers of Glam Week Magazine and Crowns & Sashes Magazine,
and was also featured inside another Crowns & Sashes Magazine issue.

Patricia Celan Dr. World Canada
Her long list of appearances included the annual Hyack International Parade and
New York Fashion Week with Marc Defang, who named the MD Canada heels after Patricia!

Mrs. Universe Pageant
Diamond Heart Award

Patricia Celan Mrs. Universe Domestic Violence Forum
Patricia Celan Mrs. Universe Canada
Patricia Celan represented Canada at Mrs. Universe in Bulgaria,
winning the Diamond Heart Award for her inspiring speech
at the pageant's annual Domestic Violence Symposium.
Click to watch a video of her bejeweled performance.
She then crowned a series of new Mrs. Canada
titleholders at the Mrs. Canada Inc. Pageant.

Mrs. Universe Gown
Patricia Celan Crowns Magazine
Mrs. Universe Awards
Read her interview with HP Magazine about the pageant.
Selected for a Pageant Planet Best in Pageantry Award.
Find out more from NetNewsLedger and FameUps.
Buy her Crowns Magazine platform cover here.

Patricia Celan Mrs. Universe Canada Crowning
Patricia Celan Mrs. Universe Canada
Patricia Celan Mrs. Universe Canada
From New Westminster's Princess to Mrs. Universe Canada!
Read the follow-up interview in the New Westminster Record.
World Class Queens of Canada Magazine feature available here.
Interview with Crowns & Sashes Magazine can be found here.
Featured as one of New Westminster's top 12 citizens of 2022.

Mrs. World Pageant
Whimsical Costume Award
Patricia Celan at Mrs. World
Patricia Celan competed at Mrs. World in Las Vegas, performing on the international stage that hosted Elvis!
Mrs. World Awards Patricia Celan
Patricia Celan won the Most Whimsical Costume Award for her costume playfully highlighting Canada's French culture.
Read her fashionable interview with FabWorldToday.
Take an inside look at Mrs. World with VentsMagazine.

National & International Pageants
Mrs. Canada & Mrs. International - People's Choice
Patricia Celan Mrs. Canada
Patricia Celan was crowned Mrs. Canada and she raised awareness about escaping abuse. Watch her journey!
Mrs. International People's Choice
Patricia Celan was a finalist in the Mrs. International 2021 pageant and she was chosen as the People's Choice Winner.

Provincial Pageants
Beautiful British Columbia

Mrs. British Columbia
Patricia Celan represented British Columbia at the Mrs. Canada Globe pageant,
where she was nominated for 3 awards:
✧ Best in 20s Award
✧ Compassion Award
✧ Face of the Americas Award
She ultimately won the Compassion Award at the annual Globe Awards, "awarded for a positive
impact, dedication, integrity, passion, and inspiring example of femininity and kindness".
She was crowned the 1st runner up to Mrs. Canada Globe during the pageant finale.

When Patricia Celan entered the Miss BC pageant after her uncle Valentin died of cancer, she began extensive fundraising efforts for the cancer charity portion of the pageant. This involved selling the designer bags that she inherited from her uncle, organizing large garage sales with products donated by community members, and online fundraising.

On July 1, 2013, she was crowned Miss Charity BC by Monte Durham of "Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta". She followed her crowning with a surprise; she had promised donors that if she was the top fundraiser for the year, she would shave her head on stage in solidarity with those struggling with cancer. She removed the crown and shaved her head.

While she was having her head shaved, further donations were collected from the audience. In total across her various fundraising efforts, she had fundraised over $10,000 for cancer charities - half of the entire Miss BC pageant fundraising of $20,000 that year. Her headshave made local and international news, such as Yahoo Trending (US) and Daily Mail (UK).

During her titleholder year, she was involved in multiple community and charity events with a team of other titleholders, who remained good friends after their reigning year came to an end.
Miss Charity BC

Community Pageants
The Royal City of New Westminster
Patricia Celan was crowned the New Westminster Princess and won the historical & talent awards.
Patricia Celan New Westminster at Galaxy Canada
While representing her hometown, New Westminster, Patricia Celan placed 4th runner-up in the Galaxy Canada pageant.

Teen Pageants
Miss Teen BC & Top Teen of Canada
Miss Teen BC
In the Miss Teen BC pageant, Patricia Celan won the "Most Potential" award, which included an acting scholarship.
Top Teen of Canada
In the Top Teen of Canada pageant, Patricia Celan won a scholarship for private acting coaching, courtesy of the former actress among the panel of pageant judges.